Reporting Standards for Digital Events (RSDE)

    In December 2020, BPA Worldwide and working group comprised of 15 different organizations, developed a set of standards and a common language for digital event reporting called Reporting Standards for Digital Events (RSDE).

    These standards will serve as a guide allowing Digital Event Platforms (DEPs) to:

  • Help organizers accurately and efficiently report event metrics via standardized terms and data
  • Provide exhibitors with the data they need to create success through digital events
  • Facilitate productive collaboration and empower all parties to make smart decisions within the digital events environment by setting a reporting standard that is understandable for all stakeholders
  • The RSDE standards are made up of 17 separate criteria to ensure data reported from DEPs are accurate, reliable, and comparable. The 17 data tables include:

    1. 1) Event Design and Background Metadata (Static Information)
    2. 2) Session Metadata
    3. 3) Exhibiting/Sponsoring Company Registration Data
    4. 4) Individual Participant Registration Data
    5. 5) Event Attendance Report
    6. 6) Event Attendance Statistics by Day (Report)
    7. 7) Event Attendance Statistics by Hour / Day (Report)
    8. 8) Session Participation Summary Report
    9. 9) Exhibitor/Sponsor Company Engagement Report
    10. 10) Individual Participation Report
    11. 11) Consolidated Individual Session Participation
    12. 12) Consolidated Individual Exhibitor Engagement
    13. 13) Consolidated Networking Meetings
    14. 14) Consolidated Networking Connections
    15. 15) Session Participation Log
    16. 16) Action Log
    17. 17) Chat (User contributed content) Log

    Will your digital event platform be compliant with the RSDE standards?

    To learn more, contact Dan Schneider at or 203-447-2820.


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